1. Nov 3, 2012 12:52pm

    The Onion Takes Aim At Boring Car Magazines

    I have a theory that posits automotive journalism is a lot like sex: when it’s good, it’s good, but when it’s bad, holy shit is it bad

    Those satirical scribes over at The Onion have taken aim at boring car magazines in their latest issue, and as always, they’re pretty spot-on. They show us the cover of fictional “Good Car” magazine featuring the 2013 Hyundai Sonata, which as they correctly say, is a “good car.” Well, it isn’t not a good car. 

    Other stories in the magazine include features on the Honda Accord and Ford Fusion, and a comparison test between the Toyota Corolla and the Nissan Altima, both of which it says are “not bad.”

    Click on over to the article and have a laugh, then be glad that Jalopnik doesn’t subject you to that kind of thing.

    Photo credit The Onion

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    They should have put any Alfa Romeo as the good car instead. It’s so good you can’t get it here in the US.
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